How do I get sound back on the lenovo laptop?

Lenovo laptops are primarily known for flawless performance. whenever you buys them, you will rarely face the hardware problem until or unless there is an software issue.

But sometimes, users might be facing the audio problem on the laptop. they are not able to access the audio on their laptop. each time, when they play something on the laptop. they get the no audio output from their computer due to the following reasons.

1. Check the audio functionality.

2. Make sure the device is turned on.

3. Check the speakers.

4. Reset the drivers.

So these are the reasons for audio issues. if you want to know how to fix lenovo laptop sound not working problem. do not worry, stay tuned. here we will assist you with that.

Disable and enable the audio-

Whenever you can’t listen to anything from the Lenovo computer. first thing, you need to do is mute the sound and then unmute it. to do that, you can click on the mute button.

Also, go to the device manager and disable the audio device for a while and then re-enable it. once you will enable it again. let’s try to access the audio again.

Update the audio driver-

Please update the device software on your computer too. There might be some kind of technical problem on the driver. That’s why it is not giving the output of sound. So update the sound using automatic method.

Reinstall the sound-

Please remove the sound driver from your laptop and install a new driver into your laptop to do that, you can visit Lenovo website and download the new driver for your laptop from there. Once you will replace the driver, you may retry to access the internet.

Update the windows-

Apart from the windows settings, you should also update the windows settings on your laptop. May be there is an update required for windows that’s why it is unable to load the software properly. so remove the current driver from your computer and install a new driver into your device. now retry to access the internet. let’s see what does it shows on your computer now.

Factory reset the computer-

After changing the above settings, If your laptop is unable to play the audio files on the Lenovo computer. please factory restore your computer, and then retry to access the internet. let’s see what does it shows on your computer.

So these are the steps to get the no sound problem fixed on any computer. if you are still dealing with such problems. please feel free to visit the askprob blogs for more help.

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