How to replace the ink cartridge or toner in brother printer?

Printers are one of the most important gadget for a lawyer, because they have to print lots of soft copies in a day to maintain the case file. That’s why most lawyers rely on the brother printer. because this printer is really useful in almost every environment. Whenever you will install it in the home or office network. you will rarely complain about printer related issues.

Until or unless, no ink issue on the printer, As we all know, every printer needs an ink cartridge or toner to print the document. That contains large amount of ink to print the document. If cartridge/ toner get empty. your brother printer will print blank pages only. you will not get any kind of text or other things on the documents.

In such a case, You have to buy a new cartridge and install it into your printer, if you will not install a new cartridge, you have to go through- brother printer prints blank page issue.

You can easily buy the cartridge from the brother’s official website or go to the nearby computer store, than ask for the cartridge for your brother printer. While, you are going to buy the cartridge, please assure to buy the orginal cartridge only. do not go for third party, they are not good for the printer.

If you have already bought a cartridge, but don’t know how to install it on the brother printer. Do not worry, Here I am to help you in fixing the issue. you may apply it on your device.

How to replace the ink cartridge on the brother MFC printer-

  1. Open the cartridge box, and remove the cartridge.
  2. Remove the cartridge protector from the cartridge and take the cartridge tap too.
  3. Now open the printer cartridge front panel.
  4. Unlock the cartridge by pressing the lever down.
  5. Now remove the cartridge from the printer.
  6. Insert the new cartridge into the printer, and lock it properly.

Now restart the printer, once you see the cartridge detected message, you need to press the ok button. If case, if brother printer is not detecting the cartridge, you need to take it off and insert it again.

How to replace the toner in brother printer-

In case, if you are using the brother monochrome printer, it will use the toner rather than cartridge. You can also get that toner from nearby store and follow these techniques to install the new toner into your printer.

  1. Unbox the new toner from your printer.
  2. Lift the printer front panel and press the ok button.
  3. Remove the print head from the printer.
  4. Now unlock the toner and remove it carefully.
  5. Install a new toner into the printer head and put it back into the printer.
  6. Pull the printer front panel and then power on the printer.

Finally, your printer will be loaded with the ink cartridge, you may keep printing the documents.

So these the are the steps to install the new cartridge in any printer, this steps are applicable for every brother printer, it doesn’t matter, whether you are using the monochrome printer or laser jet printer. you should simply install the new printer back into your computer and then start using the printer again. It will start working fine. in case, if you are dealing with any other issues. Please feel free to visit the askprob blogs for more assistance.

You may also send us an email or comment down below. We will revert that with the easy solution, that you can apply on your device to get it fixed.

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