how do you fix blinking orange light on router?

A netgear wifi router is one of the most common networking equipment. which is generally used in the home and small office network. This router is generally famous for fast internet connectivity. and it rarely cause connection related issues. But somehow, If no internet problem appears on the device. you can easily change the router settings.

Here in this blog, I am sharing the techniques to fix such problems. you may apply it on your devices too.

Power cycle the router- Please power off the router and modem for a minute and then restart the laptop again. once the gadgets gets rebooted. you need to re access the internet on your devices.

Check the internet connectivity- Please make sure that you have an internet from the backend. if your modem doesn't have the internet. you won't be able to access the internet on your devices. so check the internet connectivity and then retry to internet again.

Replug the router- Disconnect the netgear router from the modem and then reconnect it. now power cycle the router again and then retry to access the internet. let's see what does your devices are showing to you now.

Update the router- Besides this, you should also update the router's software.

Reset the router- If you are still dealing with the netgear router blinking orange problem 2021. you need to reset the router.

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